Garden Makeover

This garden makeover involved removing an old fibro shed, trimming the Peppercorn tree overhanging the fence from next door to allow more light, and making a garden suitable for two young children, the family dog and a mum who loves to entertain.

The garden design project was divided into three stages: demolition, restoration and construction, project managed by Talisa.

"I designed a sandstone paved area intersected by an ambling pathway leading to the new shed and worm farm at the bottom of the garden from the house. The sandstone was cut on site by a stonemason and laid in a chunky, solid yet delicate pattern and forms a barrier between the new lawn and garden beds abundant with Marguerite Daisies, Buddleia (loved by butterflies) and Lavender surrounding a new Magnolia tree. A Trumpet Vine of yellow flowers and freshly scented Jasmine cover the fence and herald spring. The kids helped out with planting seasonal annuals. All garden bed soils were conditioned with loads of cow manure and smothered in a thick layer of mulch to conserve water.

A screen along the back fence was needed so I planted a hedge of Lilly-pillies behind assorted Grevillea species and Kangaroo Paw that will attract birds to the garden. The shaded side of the backyard was planted out with shade loving Clivea, Violets and Japanese Anenome.
The result was a sunny play space that also served well for garden parties that was fairly easy to maintain and featured flowering plants all year around."