Cottage Garden

A Federation house on a large block of land with an established garden needed restoration and focus. New design elements implemented provide structure and visual links that tie together the disparate but healthy existing plants. Curved uniform garden bed edging made using sandstone blocks already on site strengthens the current plan creating a skeleton or frame to support wilder natural elements in the garden. Mass planting of flowering shrubs, annual and perennials and greenery fill the garden beds so there is less space for weeds to grow and plenty of colour all year round. Glorious existing trees such as the Jacaranda and Peach trees needed pruning by an arborist to ensure they have healthy and robust form and do not shade the garden. All dead wood and weed shrubs were removed.

My client requested a Monet palette for the garden so I included mostly blue and pink flowering annuals, perennials and shrubs with some grey and green foliage. I spent some time in the space to determine sunlight and soil quality. We have ensured existing delights such as bulbs and self-seeding daisies remain.
There is enough space to have a compost area, vegetables and varied themes include Australian native section and a Mediterranean bed. I wrote a detailed, educational and customised calendar for the garden so that my client can maintain it with relative ease and confidence.